Great Experience in renewable energies.

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Resources that nature offer us, are a present we must look after and maintain every day.

For that reason, Ammetronic96 was created in 1996 with the purpose of giving a total service in renewable energies, especially in wind energy.

The main activity of the company is focused in installation and maintenance of all systems which form a wind farm, from the mechanical and hydraulic units, to electric and communication installations. We also have qualified staff and equipments for the develop of the activity in installations, maintenance and technical solutions for electric installations like, power distribution in low and medium voltage systems or transformer stations.

We have helped for 15 years our customers to convert the energy which the wind and sun offer us, in electric power.
Nowadays Ammetronic96 has 32 workers and work centers in all the Canary Islands.

Movil Laboratory

Mobile Laboratory

Ammetronic96 has a mobile laboratory for testing and finding faults in cables of distribution power system of low and medium voltage. If you want to know more about this topic you can download a pdf in FILES section....

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